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From Concept to Creation 

We are here to answer your questions

Who is Softgel Co?

Softgel Co is a privately-owned, FDA-registered, GMP-certified Colorado-based contract manufacturing organization specializing in the softgel encapsulation of CBD oils. We are a market leader in testing, formulating, manufacturing and encapsulation of hemp extracts.


How long has Softgel Co been in business?

Softgel Co was started in 2014 as Life Science products and have evolved since then. The company is an experienced CBD manufacturer working with numerous forms of oil working to produce softgels, tubes, sprays and tinctures.


How big is the facility?

Our state of the art 22,000 sq.ft. facility is GMP certified.



Can Softgel Co. bottle and label?

Our line can bottle anything from 60CC -400CC bottles.


Does Softgel Co. manufacturer in bulk?

Softgel Co. manufacturers in bulk. There is a charge for shipping containers.

What sizes does Softgel Co. offer for tinctures?

We offer tincture bottles in volumes of 10- 2 oz. Tincture production cost is based on quantity and includes amber glass bottles, glass droppers, shrink wrap around cap and bottleneck, labeling, date/product identifier coding. Please call or email for pricing.

What is the lead time?

Our guaranteed lead time is 6 weeks from the date we receive your raw materials.

What are the payment terms?

Payment is 50% due upon signed estimate and balance paid in full before an order will be shipped. Softgel Co. accepts checks and wire transfers. The customer is responsible setting up shipping and for shipping costs (we can ship on your FedEx or UPS account).

Do you sell bulk softgels?

Yes, visit out Shop to view in stock bulk products.

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